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Welcome to the NEW campus - 01/03/06

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome all Associates, Alumni and Faculty to the new site. After months of development we are sure you would like to know a bit more about the enhancements and the ways in which you will benefit from these changes.

What's changed...?

The clearest difference to begin with is a visual one as the sites have had a cosmetic overhaul. The aim of this was to create cleaner sites with optimal performance for browsing and using online resources. Once logged in you are now presented with a home/navigation page that makes almost any part of the site accessible within a small number of clicks. By flattening the structure we have made site navigation easier removing as much of the online labyrinth element as possible. Of course, this is vital in the success and usability of a system providing online resources.

The meeting places have also undergone quite radical changes, in fact the whole interface and programming has changed, utilising more commonly used structures to make a more comfortable online discussion environment.

We have added access keys to the main areas of the site, allowing quick and easy access via a simple keyboard combination.

We have also added a small toolbar to the top right of the site once you have logged in. This toolbar again improves the site by offering the following functions:

  • The print friendly icon allows the current page to be displayed in away that optimises it for accurate printing. No more wasted ink on site banners/graphics, text that doesn't fit on your printed page or the time that is consumed with such discrepancies
  • The search icon takes you to a search page that allows you to perform a people search, an abstract search and a Faculty Biography search.
  • The meeting place icon takes you through to the meeting places from whatever page you are on, handy for momentary inspirations or sudden urges to communicate with your fellow set members.
  • The library icon transports you straight into the library from anywhere on the site, again this is useful for sudden informational needs or an idea that gets you thinking.
  • Finally there's the logout icon, although it is not so much of a useful tool, it is recommended that you logout of the site using this button to end your session and update your browser's Internet cookies.

From an administrative point of view there have been some pretty major enhancements too. The registry is the central database behind the site and is used to track each member’s vital information, from associate/student marks to faculty biographies, the registry houses it all. This system has been pulled apart and reassembled again to improve the way in which it operates. Although much of the same sections are there, it has been streamlined to ensure a quicker and more efficient access for administrative staff.

The site also has a section called the ‘Notice Board’ which can be located on the homepage once logged in that notifies the user of any important changes to courseware, regulations, requirements etc. Hopefully this will help all users stay connected with any major changes to the resources and the way in which we operate.

We hope that you welcome all the changes, and that the benefits improve your online experience with us. If there are any issues with the new system please report them to imc@imcassociation.edu and a member of the team will be keen to help you.

Membership Services and Internet Department

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